unsere Werkstatt
Our Workshop

We are located in the idyllic town of Hergensweiler in the southern part of Bavaria close to the Alps and the Lake of Constance (20 minutes from Lindau).Our 300 square metre workshop is connected to our family home and to our ideals. Our company has the largest collection of nativity sets and carvings in the area.

OUTSIDE, our home is surrounded by lush green meadows, apple orchards, forests, small farms and in the distance you can often see the Alps.

INSIDE our workshop it smells of fresh cut wood.

Modern machinery makes some work easier but it is not a substitute for the imagination, craftsmanship, skill and experience accumulated over three generations. Naturally dried woods guarantee quality. All wood waste is used to make energy. Wood surfaces are treated exclusively with organic products.

Our company is rooted in tradition. We have 113 years of experience and are excited about our work. We are always looking for new products, methods and new ideas.